Friday, 1 April 2011

Organic gardening is simple ...

Maybe I need to read the book !
New book and link to the Organic Centre Rossinver

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  1. "Award winning gardener Jill Scott, who is supporting The Organic Centre for many years has just published her first book . Based on her love and experience of "Companion Planting" it is full of invaluable advice for the novice and the more experienced gardener. It includes advice on design, rotation and a great chart of companion planting, as well as topics like plant, care, composting, pruning and "Slugs and other pests". One of the most useful pages lists plants for birds, bees and butterflies. This book contains colourful and educational photographs from Jill and her husband Mark's garden. 44 pages, A5, €7. Buy online at"
    Lifted from Organic centre website as areminder to purchase - great to have local expertise. Thanks folks.